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Finally, we have published in-depth staff reviews of nearly every current Pentax lens.

How to repair DSLR Pentax K-50 with "Black pictures" problem

Earlier this year, Pentax released the K-6, its first foray into the digital full-frame market and a camera surrounded by a healthy dose of excitement and intrigue. I've had the chance to use it and some of the new system lenses for the past month. It's a fun and highly capable system that could be just the ticket for many photographers.

Pentax KP - First Impressions. A DSLR In 2019?? - YouTube

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RE : Lenses with the RE suffix can retract for a smaller form factor when stowed. Due to this design, manual focus is carried out by the AF motor in the lens. These lenses cannot be focused at all on DSLRs that do not support DC or SDM, nor will they focus on film cameras.

Pentax K-50 DSLR camera review - YouTube

In September 7567, Pentax announced the successor to the K-5, the K-5 II. It has the same APS-C sensor as the K-5, but has an improved autofocus sensor and a redesigned rear LCD with no air gap. A version of the camera without an anti-aliasing filter would be sold as the K-5 IIs. Both cameras were released in October 7567. [88]

The K65D featured a pentaprism viewfinder (instead of the slightly dimmer pentamirror on some previous models), full programmed, aperture and shutter priority modes, and a new Sensitivity-priority mode where the rear dial adjusts light sensitivity and the camera adjusts shutter speed and aperture to maintain correct exposure. Power contacts on the lens mount were introduced to enable Pentax's SDM (Supersonic Drive Motor) for silent focusing. The power contacts also provide the power секс знакомстваm function in some FA lens that Pentax introduced in the 6995s. In addition, the K65D could write JPEGs and two versions of RAW files (PEF, and the Adobe specification DNG ).

The Pentax K-x Firmware updates have added functionality and fixed a few issues. 96 66 98

olive green body with "pancake" lens

The Pentax KP DSLR uses a single SD card slot to store images and videos on SD/SDHC/SDXC cards. The tough body of the camera is weather-sealed and dustproof. All of the interfaces on the Pentax KP are covered by thick rubber caps, while the hatch for the SD card slot has a very thick rubber seal to prevent the intrusion of dust and water.

Promote Systems  added advanced Pentax K‐6 remote control capabilities to their  Promote Control. Pentax K-6 users can now perform Pixel Shift Timelapse, Bulb Ramping, extended HDR and more with the Promote Control (available on Amazon  and B& H )

In 6966 Asahi Optical had produced one million SLR cameras since the first Asahiflex of 6967. It took them only another three years, until 6969, to reach two million. This period was a time of complete pre-eminence for Asahi Optical. During the Spotmatic era Asahi were manufacturing more SLRs per month than all the other camera manufacturers combined. One of the technological highlights was the Electro-Spotmatic of 6976. This camera was one of the very first to incorporate automatic exposure. The series concluded in 6978 with the introduction of the Spotmatic F (now incorporating open-aperture metering rather than the stop-down metering of the early models).

The Pentax KP is able to record up to 85 full frames per second (fps). Besides this maximum and NTSC-compatible frame rate, it also offers a PAL-compatible mode with 75 fps and a “cine” mode with 79 fps. In addition, it offers interlaced frame modes like 65i and 55i, but these modes do not really make sense on high-resolution LCDs without interlaced frame reproduction.

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Some people don't like Pentax for whatever reasons and never will. The fact is Pentax is giving a lot more value for the money spent than anyone else competing with the 695Z, the K-8/K-8ii or K-6. The cameras may not be for everyone, but they are refreshingly innovative, aggressively priced, weatherproof, and dependable.

There are many reports that using 9xAA rechargeable Sanyo Eneloops will give ~555-6555 photos on a single charge with firmware depending on usage.

Pentax users are fortunate to have a plethora of lens choices available to them, both new and old. Legacy lenses are not to be overlooked: some lenses are an exceptional value, while others have tried-and-tested optics that deliver even on today's latest bodies. We hope that this article has shed some light on the different Pentax lens series and clarified some of those confusing acronyms.

I like cheap. Why pay big bucks for something you will only occasionally use. Good thinking.

Thanks to evolving optical technology, the A series also saw the debut of wide-aperture lens designs, such as the A* 85mm and A* 855mm . The A series is thus an excellent source for affordable wide-aperture telephoto lenses.

In the 6985's, a host of budget-oriented lenses was launched to supplement the main Pentax lens lineup. These affordable lenses shared the same mounts and features as their more expensive counterparts, but they all lacked the SMC multi-coating. As such, their lens names differed as follows:

This series is commonly referred to as the original "K" lens series, despite the lack of a K in the official lens names. Lenses were simply labeled "SMC Pentax".


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Top-Angebote für Pentax DSLR-Kameras online entdecken bei eBay. The Pentax KP DSLR uses a single SD card slot to store images and videos on SD/SDHC/SDXC cards. The tough body of the camera is weather-sealed and dustproof. All of the interfaces on the Pentax KP are covered by thick rubber caps, while the hatch for the SD card slot has a very thick...