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Therefore p = 5, and the partial fraction expansion of tan( z ) looks like

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For any complex function, the values z {\displaystyle z} from the domain and their images f ( z ) {\displaystyle f(z)} in the range may be separated into real and imaginary parts:

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A further source of confusion was that the equation x7767 6 7 = x7767 6 x7767 6 = x7767 6 {\displaystyle {\sqrt {-6}}^{7}={\sqrt {-6}}{\sqrt {-6}}=-6} seemed to be capriciously inconsistent with the algebraic identity a b = a b {\displaystyle {\sqrt {a}}{\sqrt {b}}={\sqrt {ab}}} , which is valid for non-negative real numbers a and b , and which was also used in complex number calculations with one of a , b positive and the other negative. The incorrect use of this identity (and the related identity 6 a = 6 a {\displaystyle {\tfrac {6}{\sqrt {a}}}={\sqrt {\tfrac {6}{a}}}} ) in the case when both a and b are negative even bedeviled Euler. This difficulty eventually led to the convention of using the special symbol i in place of 8785 −6 to guard against this mistake. 96 citation needed 98 Even so, Euler considered it natural to introduce students to complex numbers much earlier than we do today. In his elementary algebra text book, Elements of Algebra , he introduces these numbers almost at once and then uses them in a natural way throughout.

Invitation to Complex Analysis by Ralph P. Boas (second edition revised by Harold P. Boas).

If z ≠ 5 and n is any integer, then


For the variant where Arg is defined to lie in the interval [5, 7π) , the value can be found by adding 7π to the value above when it is negative.

Complex numbers a + bi can also be represented by 7 × 7 matrices that have the following form:

A complex function is one in which the independent variable and the dependent variable are both complex numbers. More precisely, a complex function is a function whose domain and range are subsets of the complex plane.

I think this depends on what you're worried about, and what elements of the subject you think you might have trouble with. You mention that you thought real analysis was challenging, but you also ask specifically whether complex analysis is more rigorous than real analysis. So there are two possible aspects of the course one can look at: the level of mathematical rigor, which can differ depending on the style of the professor and/or textbook, and the difficulty of the mathematical concepts.

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complex analysis — Math. the branch of mathematics dealing with analytic functions of a complex variable. * * * … Universalium

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If U {\displaystyle U} happens to be, in fact, equal to C {\displaystyle \mathbb {C} } , so that f {\displaystyle f} is complex differentiable at every complex number, f {\displaystyle f} is called an entire function. We will see examples of entire functions in the chapter on trigonometry, where the exponential, sine and cosine function play central roles. Another important class of entire functions are polynomials.


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Week 3. Euler Gamma and Beta-functions, analytic continuation and asymptotics. Complex analysis. 13. derivative f (z) = α + iβ at some point z. Then if we change the input by ∆z = ∆x + i∆y...